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The Word With Joan Murray Ministries

Sep 30, 2023

Why are my prayers not being answered? Is my faith  wavering? Is my persistence lacking? Am I being obedient? Do not be discouraged for delays are not denials!

Sep 29, 2023

Are you in trouble? Do you need help? Run to Father, for your source of rescue and protection is from HIM!

Sep 28, 2023

Where do you stand when you face difficult times?  If you are righteous before the Lord and stand firm on His promises and walk in righteous before Him, you will not be shaken! With GOD you are immovable!

Sep 27, 2023

God has given us victory over sin.  Find the keys to your victory!

Sep 26, 2023

Are you feeling hopeless? Be encouraged, because in choosing hope, you are allowing God to fill you with love, joy, wisdom, and direction in your life! Just trust Him!