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The Word With Joan Murray Ministries

May 24, 2024

When overloaded look to God and He will help you overcome these loads and burdens weighing on you! Just trust Him!

May 20, 2024

We have all done things that we are not proud of.  Don't let the enemy torment you, because you have an advocate in Jesus.  He is right there cheering you on! Just trust in Him!

May 17, 2024

Do you need freedom from hopelessness? God will give you hope in the midst of the storms you are facing.  Just trust in Him!

May 13, 2024

How do your discover what God has for you?  Listen while you pray and worship and God will reveal it to you! Remeber our plans are not HIS plans, and our ways are not His ways!

May 10, 2024

God will help us see clearly things before us through His perspective! Just ask Him and He will do it!