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The Word With Joan Murray Ministries

Apr 30, 2024

Are you a doubter or believer? You must recognize between the true believers of Christ and the doubters.  Surround yourself with those who stand in faith with you and expect your miracle.

Apr 29, 2024

What crises are you facing in your life? Seek God's word and you will find the answers to overcome your situations!

Apr 28, 2024

THE GIFT OF PATIENCE is a new series from The WORD with Joan Murray Ministries. Find how having patience is a requirement for fulfilling our destinies and obtaining anything of value.  Learn how when having patience we will develop an intimate relationship with God.  Discover when waiting patiently on God, He will help...

Apr 27, 2024

Does God still speak to us in dreams? God plants dreams in our heart to develop our character. Some dreams may not be for today but for a future event.  Guard the dreams in your heart and let God's plan be revealed at the right time.l

Apr 26, 2024

We are called to pray for all the churches throughout the world. We pray that all the church leaders seek the wisdom and direction from God.