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The Word With Joan Murray Ministries

Apr 16, 2024

God has chosen you and has a plan for your destiny!  Seet God's presence daily and He will reveal your calling!

Apr 13, 2024

Are your dreams just beyond your reach? What is standing in your way causing delays in your wishes and hope?  Trust the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart!

Apr 11, 2024

Does lack of confidence prevent you from being bold? Boldness may come natural for some but not always for others.  Do not let fear keep you for being bold because God is with you!

Apr 9, 2024

Where will you be when the sound of Jesus' return is heard throughout the world? Will you be ready?

Apr 6, 2024

Do you see the signs of Jesus' return? It is evident throughout the Bible He coming back for us! Keep watch for He is coming soon!