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The Word With Joan Murray Ministries

Sep 21, 2023

Do you have the courage to face the struggles of life? God's WORD is full of stories and passages where He encourages us to overcome all the situations we face in our daily lives. Be courageous and trust in HIM!

Sep 14, 2023

Are you facing life's difficulties? Life at times is filled with trials and tribulations, but Jesus gave you a promise to be cheerful, because He has overcome the difficulties for you!

Sep 7, 2023

As you read and meditate on the keys to winning, understand God is with you every step of the way. Remember that the step of a good man or woman are order by the Lord, and you will not be alone on this journey. Rest assured the victory will be yours!

Aug 31, 2023

Are you victorious in the battles you are facing in life? Do you think winning is an option? Discover the keys to winning and rest assured that with God, the battles have already been won!

Aug 24, 2023

Have you overcome a difficult season in your life and now all is going well? What do you do when your peaceful and content life abruptly changes and now you find yourself in another difficult situation? Discover when experiencing these seasons we must focus and trust in God to rescue and redeem us during these times.